Tuesday, February 15, 2011

“The Cost of Conflict: A personal Journey”
Speaker: Cheryl Hatch
I have never been to such an engaging lecture before. She started speaking right around 7:00 pm and it lasted to 9:00 pm. She presented a slide-show of her work throughout her career. Her career in photo journalism started around the time Ronald Reagan was the President of the United States, up until just a couple of years ago. She works mostly in black and white film and has been free lance for most of her career.
Now, she is teaching at the University of Alaska Fairbanks for one year. She stated that she was brought up here through the Snedden Foundation and likes it so much that she is going to try to stay on another year. She gave the audience an insight of the war that you don’t normally see or hear. Her pictures and stories were mainly about the women and children of the war and how the war decimates the countries.
She was a exceptionally motivating speaker and if I hadn’t already picked a major, I might consider journalism. She did say something about how the digital age has changed things, which I thought was right on point. She stated, “The difference between film and a digital camera is, a sniper and a machine gun”. Great lecture and I would go again.



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