Thursday, February 3, 2011

Calypso the Noble Horse


Artist is Tamara Schmidt

Sculpture of a Horse made of Wood, Metal and Wire

Located at the Main Entrance of the Museum

Calypso was fashioned out of Alder wood, steel and wire, by Tamara Schmidt. When I read the short synopsis about the piece, it made me want more information about what the motivation was behind this sculpture. Was the name she chose for the piece from a horse that the artist once had? Why did the artist choose this form of media for the piece? Obviously, I will never know the answers to my many questions.

When I first saw this sculpture, I mean really looked at it in detail. I noticed the deliberate usage of wire and wood, that was shaped and curved in order to provoke movement. The movement of this sculpture is what draws and calls out to me. The movement of the lines in this piece, show an unyielding, powerful nobility, which has been captured in this life size piece of art. Its proud stance and wild looking appearance makes a person stop and take a closer look.

 When I looked even closer, I saw the detail and the caring way the wire and wood was bent in order to get just the right angle and effect. The different shades of the Alder wood seemed to be placed strategically to show highlights and shading, which gave it more dimension. Just like a painter would do with different shades of blue in order to achieve a more realistic, three dimension piece.

This sculpture is amazing, not only visually, but ecstatically. The emotions and memories that it can evoke from a person are wonderful, if you let it. It reminded me of my own horse that I had when I was a teenager. I use to take my horse for long runs on the beach and we would be gone for hours at a time. When I was riding, sometimes I felt as if I was flying and nothing in the world would be able to catch me. It made me feel like I had the world by the tail. I could forget about my worries; like dealing with my parents, trying to fit in at school, and making good grades. I could dream about being anything I wanted and it actually felt like I could reach out and grab it.

In addition, I felt sad and guilty when I saw this sculpture. My heart ached; I did not spend as much time as I should have with my horse as I got older and I was not there in the end for him. This heaviness of heart I will always feel. When I think of all the wonderful times we had together and yet in the end we had grown apart.

I looked around the museum and I did not see anymore sculptures and or art works by Tamara Schmidt. It would be treat to see more of her work, possibly in her own show.