Monday, March 7, 2011

The documentary “The Cove,” is meant to spread like an infectious disease. Once this infection takes hold, the viewer cannot shake it off. The virus does not respond to any type of antibiotics or any concoctions that a person might try in order to get rid of the pictures that are forever embedded in their memory. Their only hope is group therapy, in order to express their thoughts and feelings to others about this film. The reviewer at the New York Times used the term “Trojan Horse,” maybe this is what they meant by it.
            When watching this documentary I made mental notes of how “The Cove,” was made and the possible costs that were involved. The plane fares to Japan for all the people that participated, all of the specialized equipment that the crew used in order to film under-water and the sound equipment must have costs in the millions of dollars. The film appeared to have been edited by professionals in the movie industry. The creativity that was used with some of the images that the crew captured were placed just right in order to achieve full impact for the audience, along with the music they used to bring the anxiety level of the viewer to a crescendo. The documentary was well put together and their message to the people about stopping the whaling at the cove came through loud and clear.
            This documentary about dolphin slaughter was horrifying to watch and see. But this film generated some bigger questions for me such as, where is the demand for dolphin meat? The demand cannot be solely do to the need of dolphins for entertainment for the public, as they portray it in the film. The dolphin meat has high levels of mercury. Why? Where is the dumping of these toxins? Yes, Japan seems to be taking advantage of the more impoverish countries by promising them funds in order to obtain their vote at the International Whaling Conference. Is the motivation here greed, since Japan is the largest trade market for fish? Do the Japanese people really not know about what is going on with the dolphins or are they feeling threatened by their government so much that they cannot speak out because of retribution to themselves and their families.
            There does not seem to be an easy answer for any of it. There are so many facets that this documentary has opened up. But one thing is for sure that if nothing is done about the over fishing of our oceans, it will collapse the ocean ecosystems. Possible World Wide Regulations needs to be agreed and acted upon.


  1. Nice Lee Ann! This rocks and you completely got the helpless feeling down lol!